Favorite Scentsy Waxes

We’ll start the blog off with a few reviews on some of my current favorite scents! I’ll update this as I go along as I’ve used up most of my favorites and don’t remember all of the smelling notes.

I adore scentsy waxes, and, while I do enjoy trying new scents, I’m often hesitant to do so based on their website descriptions. I don’t really feel like they’re adequate or much that effort goes into them. Hopefully these help you out!

Disclaimer: Unless otherwise noted, I use 2 wax cubes in my warmers. I am not a Scentsy representative, do not sell Scentsy, and am not paid for any reviews and opinions. 

Sea, Sun, & Fun: One of my all time favs… This bar has a delicious salty smell to it. Hints of sunscreen, sand, and ocean air. It’s not one of those “clean”ocean scents. It’s very playful just like the perfect beach day! Smell strength: Strong, but not overwhelming. Smell length: About 4 days

BOHO: A deliciously spicy wax! Technically a fall scent, but I love warming this chic scent in our master bedroom! Notes of cinnamon and clove, plum and berry, slight slight floral feel… it makes me feel warm, comfortable, and oh so happy! Smell strength: mildly strong. You notice it’s presence, you notice it’s beautiful scent in the room, but its not a smack in the face. Just a delightful note. Smell length: About 4 or 5 days


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