Short Stories

Daily prompt: Prickle

Fear sets in. My heart pounding loudly, a scream stiffled in the back of my throat, holding my breath for fear of being heard. What do I do? Do I just sit here hiding and hope I’m not found? Do I make a run for it? If I run, what if they catch me? Would that be better than just being found here?

Oh god! My mind flashes back to what I’d just seen… Blood everywhere. The agonising scream of whoever it was now dead. The look of hatred in the monsters’ eyes. The total ease they had murdering another human…

I’ve stumbled into the wrong place at the wrong time, that’s for sure. If only I’d filled up at the last gas station I’d passed instead of pompeously pushing my luck. If I hadn’t thrown my phone after our fight, I never would have had to leave the car. I wouldn’t be here praying I don’t die the same death I’ve just witnessed. 

Our fight now feels so trivial. Why do I have to be so stubborn? If I could go back in time I’d do it so differently. God, I hope he knows I do love him! If I make it out of this alive I’ll…

My skin prickles as I hear a shoe scuff the pavement behind me, and my vision goes black…



Total perfection. This is what today’s society expects. What we expect. Perfect hair, perfect clothes, perfect day, perfect house, perfect plans, perfect partner, perfect… Where does it stop?! With you. With me. Us.

The beautiful thing about perfection? It doesn’t exist. I’m not perfect, my hair isn’t perfect, my clothes (let’s be honest, are terrible) aren’t perfect, life isn’t perfect, nothing’s perfect. We should learn to accept and love the imperfections. Sure, a bunch of times imperfections are annoying. (The persistant coughing your co-worker does, the mess left on the table, the car won’t start, the dinner meat went bad…) But lately I’ve been finding a lot of great in imperfections. I’ve been learning from imperfections. Because I don’t need to be perfect. And I no longer want to be perfect. (How stressful would that be?) Let’s choose to just be… Totally imperfect.

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